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Saturday, October 12 at 1pm

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Featuring select items from the descendants of Captain Jonathan Winship III (1780 - 1843, Mass.)

Jonathan Winship III was Captain of the Winship family’s trading vessel, O’Cain, and traded throughout the Pacific from 1796 to 1816 with his three brothers. He is credited with the first recorded entry into Humboldt Bay in California by sea in June 1806.

The brothers sailed up and down the west coast and between Hawaii and Canton China, trading in animal furs until October 1811 when they left the west coast to rendezvous in Honolulu with their three ships, the O’Cain, Isabella and the Albatross. On this last stop in Hawaii, and because of the assistance the brothers provided King Kamehameha in negotiating with local rulers and helping to unify the islands he trusted and liked them granting them exclusive rights to export sandalwood from Hawaii.

With the outbreak of the War of 1812, the British, who enjoyed naval dominance in the Pacific, pressured the Hawaiian monarch into canceling this potentially lucrative monopoly. After 1813 their ships were driven out of the Pacific by the British fleet. During this time the O’Cain, under Captain Jonathan Winship took refuge in Canton China. It was here that Jonathan acquired the skills in horticulture that led to his founding in 1820, with his youngest brother, Francis, of Winships’ Gardens, Brighton Massachusetts pioneer horticultural enterprise. He also played a key role in the founding of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and served as the Vice President from 1835 until his death in 1847.


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